Oil Tank Sweep

Properties with older homes have been known to have abandoned oil tanks which later leak and contaminate the soil. These improperly abandoned tanks can be a hazard and a financial liability and an oil tank locator should be employed to find them. The best way to locate such tanks is through an oil tank sweep.

If you become the owner of a property with a leaking tank, you are responsible for cleanup costs which could run to 10s of thousands of dollars. Homeowners insurance policies rarely cover oil leaks, making an underground oil tank sweep even more critical when purchasing older properties. Oil tank sweep cost is minimal and if we find a tank we will even pay you for any oil we reclaim from the tank. This further minimizes your costs.

Look for these warning signs that there is a buried oil tank on your property:

– Buildings and homes constructed prior to 1975 with oil or natural gas heat.

– An above ground oil tank is present on the property.

– Visible pipes protruding from the ground on the property.

– Unused lines or pipes entering the basement.

If you notice any of the above there is a possibility that there is an undisclosed underground oil tank present on the property.

Take the following steps and protect yourself from the hazards of underground oil tanks:

– Have an oil tank sweep performed to search for undisclosed buried tanks. We use state of the art equipment to locate any buried tanks on your property. If we find a tank we can provide both oil tank inspection and oil tank removal services.

– Always use experienced contractors for oil tank location and removal. Our company has successfully removed 10s of thousands of buried oil tanks.

– Demand a detailed inspection report. When we discover a tank on your property will provide you with a detailed written report letting you know the location and condition of the tank. We will also advise you of any potential environmental hazards.

There is no sense in taking chances when you can cheaply and effectively determine if there is a buried oil tank on your property. If we find a tank we can provide soil testing and tank removal services. Plus, we help minimize your costs by paying you for any oil remaining in the tank.

Oil Tank Sweep

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