Oil Recovery

Save Money: We Will Pay You For Any Of The Oil We Recover From Your Tank

The large number of underground oil tanks present in New Jersey has been deemed to be an ongoing environmental risk. Especially after Hurricane Sandy, when thousands of tanks were affected, oil tank removal is of paramount importance. The good news for homeowners and businesses who have old oil tanks that may still contain thousands of gallons of potentially environmentally damaging oil is that there are oil recovery programs that can help. Oil reclamation is not new, but in the realm of reclamation from oil tanks it is somewhat new.
In the past, any leftover oil in the many underground tanks was taken to a reclamation facility with no benefit to the homeowner or business.
Now, thanks to the pioneering nature of companies such as Environmental NJ Pros, not only can you have your old oil recovered, they will even pay you for any of the oil that they do recover from your tank.

It’s a win-win as you get compensated for the leftover oil, the environment is saved from potentially damaging oil, and the oil recycling companies get to reclaim the oil for later use.
Quick facts

Thousands of rusting, deteriorating oil tanks are still in the ground in New Jersey and many home and business owners are not aware of their presence.
Abandoned underground tanks can contain hundreds of gallons of old oil.
It has been said by researchers that just one gallon of oil can pollute up to a million gallons of water.

Environmental NJ Pros, will PAY YOU for your old oil.

Our goal is to provide a safe and effective way to limit the amount of potential oil spills in New Jersey from old underground oil tanks. We have determined that this is so important that we will even pay for your old oil to help defray the costs of oil tank removal. If you have an old oil tank on your property call us today to discuss removal options. We use only safe and approved oil recovery methods.

How to tell if you have an old oil tank on your property

If there are unused pipes protruding from the ground on your property you may have an old underground tank.
If parts of your yard are dying for no known reason, you may have an old oil tank on your property.
If there are cut off feed lines entering your basement or near your heater you may have an old oil tank.

Removal or disposal of underground oil tanks and primary oil recovery

Our contractors can not only provide oil recovery services, we can also remove the old tank from your property for complete safety. Removing the tank is the best alternative since it is permanent. If you are unable to have the tank removed, we can still reclaim any left over oil in the tank, clean the inside of the tank, and fill the tank with an inert substance. This is called tank abandonment and it is a valid alternative to tank removal when performed by licensed professionals.

We can even perform oil recovery and tank removal for above ground tanks when necessary. If you no longer have use for an above ground tank, call us and we can discuss the procedure for oil recovery and tank disposal.

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