Oil Tank Removal NJ

While some people may think oil tank removal NJ is a long and complex project, the truth is that even underground oil tank removal NJ can be completed in less than a day.  In fact, most oil tank removal New Jersey will be completed before lunch time.  And above ground oil tank removal NJ can be done in jut an hour or two.  Here’s a basic timeline for removing an underground oil tank:

8:30AM – The removal crew arrives at your property and begins to uncover the top portion of the underground tank.

9:00AM – With the top of the tank now visible, any pipes and fill lines are removed or capped and the top of the tank is opened to allow access to the inside of the tank.

10:00AM – The oil tank removal companies NJ personal enter the tank to remove any remaining sludge and clean the tank interior.

11:00AM – The remainder of the tank is unearthed and it is removed from the ground.  It is then placed unobtrusively to the side for inspection.

12:00 – Once the tank and the soil are inspected, the hole (which typically measures 6×8 feet for a 550 gallon tank) is filled in with certified clean fill.  The area is left in much the same condition as it was before the tank removal began several hours prior.

In the worst case, the oil tank removal contractor finds that the tank has been leaking and that soil remediation must be performed.  The contractor will discuss your options with you to determine the best course of action for cleaning the contaminated soil.  Any actions taken will be in full compliance with NJDEP regulations.  While remediation can be expensive, a NJ oil tank removal grant can help defray the costs.  In most cases, there is no leakage and the oil tank removal cost is minimal.

ANCO Environmental Services has been performing oil tank removals in New Jersey as well as soil remediation for over 30 years.  Their staff consists of over 40 professionals and they are fully licensed to perform tank removals and soil remediation.  Any work done by ANCO is guaranteed to be quick and cost efficient.  We will help and guide you through every step of the process from the initial evaluation right up to providing you with the NJDEP certificate of completion for the project.  The combination of professional staff, excellent service, modern equipment, and strict quality control ensures that your tank removal project goes smoothly and according to plan.

Be careful when evaluating oil tank removal contractors.  A tank removal performed by an unlicensed company can lead to extreme headaches in the future when you try to sell your property.  Our licensed and bonded staff can ensure that your oil tank removal is performed in compliance with all state and local regulations, giving you peace of mind.

For the best value and service, give ANCO a call today for a free tank removal proposal.

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