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Environmental NJ Pros, a leading environmental services NJ firm specializing in oil tank removal and oil leak remediation, has pointed out that oil tank leaks at residential and business locations is on the rise since Hurricane Sandy devastated the region.  If these leaks are left they will cause increasing soil and groundwater contamination.  As a leading groundwater and environmental services NJ firm, Environmental NJ Pros is licensed and qualified to offer oil tank removal and remediation for sites where leaks have already occurred.

The unfortunate truth is that in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many homes and business are at risk of environmental contamination due to damaged leaking oil tanks, both underground and above ground.  What’s more, the widespread flood waters have not only caused damage to oil tanks, but they may also have spread any oil contaminated waters to surrounding properties.  While the flood waters will recede, when they do they will leave behind the environmentally dangerous oil and petroleum byproducts.  If any homeowner or business owner smells petroleum like odors on their property, they should contact a licensed environmental contamination remediation expert such asEnvironmental NJ Pros.  Environmental NJ Pros is licensed to provide statewide environmental services NJ.

Petroleum Odors Can be Hazardous to Human Health

While petroleum odors are certainly obnoxious and foul, that isn’t the entire story.  The oil fumes that cause these odors can be downright hazardous to human health.  Inhaling oil vapors can cause irritation of the throat and eyes, dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and difficulty breathing.  Breathing problems can be especially severe for those with asthma or other lung related diseases.  This health issues makes it more urgent to assess and remediate any oil spill issues on your property.

If you had flooding on your property and are concerned about oil contamination, you are advised to avoid the area as much as possible.  Cleanup of these types of environmental contaminants is best left to experts.  Environmental NJ Pros provides environmental services New Jersey that will determine if contamination is present and to what extent.  Through extensive and detailed air, water and soil analysis they can determine if there is an oil contamination issue.  Additionally, they can also provide cleanup services if contamination is found, as well as oil tank removal, soil and groundwater remediation, and installation of a new oil tank if necessary.  They will also complete and submit all the necessary paperwork for permits and certifications to local and state agencies.

If you are a homeowner of business owner and have noticed signs of oil, including oil odors, on your property or within your residence you are cautioned to call Environmental NJ Pros immediately to schedule an appointment for detailed oil contamination testing.  Don’t wait until it is too late, call today.

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