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Environmental NJ Pros is an environmental consulting firm specializing in Phase I Environmental Audits consisting of Soil screening, Ground Water Testing, Vapor testing. Our latest environmental audit and environmental remediation technologies save you cash by precisely diagnostic remediation prices and increase no more action letters. We focus on aiding realty purchases close with minimal interruption. Count on … that’s what Environmental NJ Pros has actually gained in the process. We are not the most affordable but we will be your least costly choice – without the frustrations. Oil tank sweeps, will help you to make the best decision in your oil tank removal.

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Oil Tank Sweep

Properties with older homes have been known to have abandoned oil tanks which later.

Oil Tank Removal

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Frequently asked questions

A dripping underground oil tank can be a huge headache and expenditure. Even the majority of home owners insurance policies have clauses to avoid providing you with underground oil tank insurance. To prevent this it is best to have it eliminated and changed with an above ground tank. In some cases you could not even be aware of underground containers on older homes and this might warrant an underground oil tank sweep. Below are some guidelines concerning underground oil containers and tanks.

Oil tanks have a limited lifespan, normally not longer than 25 years. After that they have to be fixed or replaced. Due to the fact that numerous underground storage tanks are made from steel, they will rust and eventually rupture and leakage. Even those containers made for underground use will eventually start to leak.

The older your storage tank is, the more likely it will develop a leakage. Even pinhole leaks will posture a hazard to your household and the environment. Plus, cleansing the bordering area after a leak is extremely costly.

Yes you can test for leakages, however it could be just as cost effective to dig it up and replace it. Plus, no examination will let you understand what will accompany the tank in the future. Underground oil tank screening is most useful in checking for leaks, but these will be discovered anyhow if you just dig the tank up and have it removed.

Yes, this is called underground oil tank decommissioning and providing all state and local underground oil tank regulations are followed it can be an option to tank removal. The container will have to be emptied and fulled of an inert material, which can be expensive. In virtually every case it is better to simply get rid of the storage tank and dispose of it.

Our clients say

"The whole team there really went above and beyond to help us with an oil tank removal. Very responsive, professional, and did what they could to expedite the process and help us with a very tough problem."
Hilary L.
Home Owner
"The office staff and technicians who removed tank were extremely responsive. Furthermore, the technicians spent extra time surveying and scanning property due to buyers report of possible 2nd abandoned oil tank"
Val N.
"We are Realtors with a property where time was of the essence given that our clients were virtually homeless waiting to purchase this home. The work was done quickly the office was great to deal with and helped me get the NFA letter quicker than expected"
Quintin A.
Real Estate
"Great experience. Professional, on time and great job."
Jillie T.